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The most typical about Maspalomas are its dunes. Also, they form the most important pole of touristic attraction. During the last icetime the wind wiffled ocean sand towards the bush on the coast. It is the same plantation as you find abundantly on Fuerteventura. Still the wind does the dunes move over a distance of 2 to 5 m / year. Pity enough much of the dunes is gone now because of tourism though they are protected nature area since 1897.

Camel Riding

If you want to make a walk through the dunes you wait best until sunset or else at sunrise because during the day the sand can become burning hot. Unless you take a ride by camel through them, that’s possible by day also.

Maspalomas Lagoon

Is good for bird observation of e.g. kingfisher, curlew, and egret.

The lighthouse

The lighthouse is on the southern point of Gran Canaria that also separates Maspalomas beach from Playa del Ingles beach. Near to the lighthouse you seel most families with children because it is the safest place of the surroundings. Nudists go near to Playa del Ingles.

Maspalomas Beach

This area is generally known for LGBT tourism although in winter it is quite populated with tourists from Northern Europe as Scandinavia and also Germany, and the Netherlands.

The resort started as a contest for architects in 1961 with theme touristic urbanism. The French office SETAP won and built the resort with a very personal style comparable with Palm Spring in and Palm beach non …ha. It has a touristic infrastructure with schools, hospitals, casinos, cinema all for the tourist.

There is an only-English newspaper, de only one in the whole neighbourhood serving 20 to 30 000 readers.

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