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If you want an idea about what London has to offer at the subject of accommodation, here you have some hotel sections based on three criteria: Gay friendly, with a pool and cheap. The Gay Friendly one is on discount. The Westbridge Hotel seems further the only gay friendly in London where they talk about or else the strict separation between straight and gay friendly is becoming obsolete. The Westbridge Hotel is also cheaper than most of the “cheap” hotels.

Hotel rooms in London from € 30

If you’re looking for rooms under € 50 you can best click to see any of the presented hotels, on the hotelpage you switch to “TO THE SEARCH RESULTS” where you can set your price filter in the left sidebar. The majority are not even dormitories, you can get a hotel room from € 30. These ultra cheap rooms are situated in the areas: Chelsea(1), Greenwich(1), London Gatwick Airport(3), Luton(2), Watford(1), Wembley(6) and Winston(1).

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