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Dorms below £ 20, Cheap Hotel Rooms below £ 50, London, United Kingdom

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Cheap hotels in London but how cheap do you want? Many hotels in London offer accommodation under £ 20 in dorms for 4 to 12 other guests. If you want some more privacy then there are also some hotel rooms under £ 50. These are the prices when you book online. Some hotels can ask until the double price of the latter when you look at your arrival. Eventually, hotels can admit that you do only a reservation online and pay the biggest part at your arrival.

Cheap hotels rooms London under £ 20

Rest Up London

Rest Up LondonThis stylish area is most popular among solo travellers and business people. Groups come only on the third place what is surprising because the hotel has some nice halls to relax or drink something in a social sphere. It’s near to Palace of Westminster and some other sightseeing attractions as Strata SE1, Ministry of Sound and London South Bank University, Tate Modern and others. Except for the most current hotel services there are also packed lunches and vending machines.

From £ 8

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Generator Hostel London

Generator Hostel London


Clink78 Hostel

Clink78 Hostel


SoHostel London

SoHostel London


Cheap hotels rooms London under £ 50

Studios2Let North Gower


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